"Apki Dukaan" is a network company which is starting up in India with a new idea. This company gives you a unique platform, company creates one side as customer base and other side as shopper base, collect revenue from shopy and service providers when any member purchasing any goods or services from their local shopy or service provider and distribute as different types of income among members.

Through this platform anyone can fulfill all their dreams with their little efforts.


This company is MCA registered in 2021, through this platform the company can generate a decent income to it’s all the users without making any investment, just by buying the goods or services of their needs and promoting this concept. This income gradually increases as per their consistent efforts and hard work. The company shares retail profit or commissions among all users, from which everyone gets commission. Everyone should take this opportunity, work hard and create self-employment for themselves.  All legal documents are available with the company.


In today's time, online business is growing very fast in our country, there is immense potential in our country in the online employement sector, the company can provide self-employment to more and more people of it's country in this possibility to the young un- employed sitting at home, can provide a source of income and contribute towards making a self- reliant India. 


Company's mission is to create thousands of best leaders and with their help we can provide at least 1 lakh self-employement at the end of year 2023 and create 5 lakhs self-employment at the end of year 2024.